This Is How Many Friends You Lose When You Fall In Love

We have all been there, in our own romantic little bubble where we look at each other with little love hearts coming out of our eyes and nothing else in the world matters other than their smile. It’s the honeymoon stage of any new relationship.

The sad thing is that when we fall in love we lose friends, in fact, according to Anthropologist Robin Dunbar love costs us two friends from our close circle.

The study, submitted to the journal of Personal Relationships has been examined by many studies and science correspondents.

Previous research, led by Dunbar, suggested that people are likely to only have five close friendships, these are people you turn to when you are going through a rough patch or those you call first to share good news.

The study suggested that these relationships suffer when we get a partner and the new person in your life replaces two of these close friends.

Dunbar spoke at the British Science Festival in Birmingham and said they weren’t surprised.

“If you don’t see people, your emotional engagement with them drops off and does so quickly. What I suspect is that your attention is so wholly focused on the romantic partner you don’t get to see the other folks you had a lot to do with before, and so some of those relationships start to deteriorate,” The Guardian reported.

Whether you agree with this or believe that this couldn’t possibly be true, think about how often you call all (five) friends that you used to. Might be time for girls night!