This Is How Much You Should Spend On A Wedding Gift

Weddings, whether you are included in the bridal party or just a guest, they are incredibly expensive. But there is one very stressful question that everyone faces, how much should you spend on a wedding gift.

RetailMeNot did some research and found that people generally spend from $45USD ($65NZD) to $195USD ($284NZD).

Of course, this depends on the relationship with the bride and groom. The highest price reflects what people generally spend on siblings, where as the lowest was for accquantances. For extended family people spend around $95USD ($138NZD), regular friends got gifts worth around $89USD($129NZD) and coworkers got gifts around $63USD ($92NZD).

Respondents were split as to whether attending a wedding actually meant you had to buy a gift, with 41% saying you did.

As for the cash VS wedding gift debate. 31% of respondents said they would give cash, while 33% would prefer to buy something off the registry.

The only downfall of the study is that it did not look at different age groups, as we all know our income changes dramatically from our 20’s to our 40’s (at least we hope it does.)