This Is One Of The Most Extravagant Hotel Experiences In The World

When it comes to luxury travel we are all ears, even if we aren’t all in when it comes to committing and paying the thousands of dollars that are necessary for a private Australian beach – we can dream though, right?!

There are many things that surprise me in this world, including the crazy things and experiences we can buy if we just have a spare thousand dollars (or ten). You could have your own Pretty Woman experience thanks to Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire, something that fills me both with excitement and sadness when I see the price tag attached.

Here is the most insane and extravagant experiences that only money can buy.


Pretty Woman experience

Without a doubt Pretty Woman is up there in every women’s top movie list. Sure, the idea of the movie is a little strange but think of it as a unique Cinderella! Anyway, whatever you think of the movie the idea of staying in the Presidential Suite, plus three hours shopping on Rodeo Drive with a clothing allowance of NZ$2753 per person. You also get a ride in a Rolls-Royce to a park for a romantic shoeless picnic, complete with a musical serenade and private photographer, a 90-minute couple’s massage, a diamond manicure and pedicure and the appearance of Wolfgang Puck himself during a dinner on the Veranda Suite. It sounds like a dream, even if it does set you back about NZ$13,7680.