This Is The #1 Thing That Can Mess With Your Pill’s Effectiveness

Many women are on the pill for one reason or another, whether it is as a contraceptive, mood balancer or for skin reasons. The most common reason is for a contraceptive, and with so many different options and it’s high effectiveness, the pill is a good option.

There are of course instances where the pill can be ineffective, but it is often more to do with the user than the pill itself.

The most obvious, of course, was skipping your pill. A mistake we are all aware of, yet still make from time to time. We know that this is the biggest mistake as it can mean you are unprotected and could get pregnant.

Anyone who is on the pill that has visited the doctor for one reason or another will know that a common mistake many of us also make is taking the pill with antibiotics. When we are prescribed the pill many of us are reminded that we need to be careful, but still so many of is forget. Mind you, not all antibiotics play havoc with your pill, but it is always worth checking first and if in doubt, assume that it will stop the pill from doing its job.

Self recently shared the things we are doing that are interfering with our pill and including the obvious aforementioned mistakes, there was one other mistake many of us are not aware of, until now.

Taking St. John’s Wort

This herb is commonly taken by those who are experiencing depression and anxiety as it is said to calm you down and relax you. According to National Institutes of Health, St. John’s Wort also makes oral contraception less effective.  Nikki B. Zite, M.D., program director and professor of obstetrics and gynecology surgery at The University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine, told SELF “It’s best to avoid St. John’s wort and to discuss other herbal supplements with the prescriber or pharmacists.” With this knowledge, it is important we look at any tea promising relaxation and ‘calming’ effects as well.