This Is What Rachel’s Toyboy Tag Looks Like Now

Friends had it all, it made us laugh (a lot) and it made us cry, it also made us question a lot about what our life would be like when we grew up. Would we really live with our 2 best friends, across the road from our other two best friends for most of our lives?

Another thing it offered us was plenty of boyfriends and girlfriends who came and went. One of our favourite beaus who didn’t stick around long was Tag Jones, Rachel’s toyboy, played by Eddie Cahill.



So where is Eddie now? He is still acting in two hit CBS shows, and he has hardly aged a day! In the words of Rachel, “He’s so pretty, I want to cry.”



Eddie is Detective Don Flack in CSI NY and a main character in Under the Dome, doing pretty well for himself after his appearance on Friends.