Have You Ever Wondered Why Vitamin C Is So Important In The Winter

It starts with a sniffle, then it crawls to a, dry, scratchy throat and before you know it you’re spluttering and dreaming of what it was like to feel normal. These shorter, colder days can really wreak havoc on the immune system, especially when you work in a large office, have kids at school, catch the bus or attend a gym class full of germs.

Eating well, getting outside and keeping hydrated are some of the simple things you can do to help support your system.  Inevitably, though, a colleague will sneeze on you or your child will come home with the sniffles and you’ll need a bit of a top up of goodness.  That’s when Vitamin C comes into play.  A daily dose of Vitamin C is an absolute must during the winter months to keep those nasties at bay.  Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is important for immunity and strengthening the body’s natural defences.  500mg is perfect for a daily maintenance dose, which can be increased to 1000mg two times a day when you need the extra support.




Give Red Seal’s new Vitamin C 500mg with New Zealand Blackcurrant a try!  It’s perfect for the whole family and tastes amazing! A must have, pantry staple this winter.

Always read the label and use as directed. Vitamins are supplementary to a balanced diet.