This Is Why You Your Workout Leaves You So Hungry

Today I started my day off great, an early morning run and stretch session that left me feeling like a fitspo goddess. Five hours later and the good work is quickly being undone. It’s not even lunch time and I have already eaten two pieces of toast with scrambled eggs, corn chips, a pear, a chia/nut homemade cookie and gallons of water – and I am still hungry. Just the smell of other people’s morning tea is making my stomach growl like a bear woken up to early from hibernation. Why is it that after a morning workout I am so hungry all day?

There are a few reasons, some of which aren’t my fault and others well…they are. Our body is basically a car and we need to refuel it, yes I know you have heard this but bear with me.

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Studies have shown that the more intense you work out the less ‘ghrelin’ aka the hunger hormone that you produce. In other words, a long low-intensity session  is why you are starving and could eat a horse.

It also comes down to the age old ideal that when you have worked out you deserve a treat (guilty!) Some studies have found that the more fit you are, the less likely you are to reward yourself with food after a work out. So, it might not be that you are hungry – it might all be in your head.