This Must See Trailer For “Bad Moms” Will Leave You With Abs From Laughing So Much

Ever felt burnt out, exhausted and like you just want to eat cereal straight out of the box at the supermarket? Of course you have, especially if you are a mum. If you haven’t you will most definitely have a soft spot for Kirsten Bell or Mila Kunis, the leading ladies in the new flick that is set to you give you abs from laughing.

The film is based on these two women, who are both overworked and unappreciated mums trying to keep up with modern motherhood, think bake sales with cookies void of any salt, sugar, gluten or taste. They finally break down and it gets crazy.

While it is more likely to completely resonate with mothers who have struggled with the angst of trying to be perfect, with a stellar cast like this there is no doubt that it is going to be hilarious!

The film is set to grace cinemas early September!