This No-Nasties Fake Tan Is A Must Try This Summer

Summer is so close I can almost feel the late night walks to the beach and the sun on the nape of my neck. I am itching to get into my summer dresses and sandals, sadly my lily-white body is a little less so.

Now, I am all about embracing your body the way it is. But I am also all about a sun-kissed glow that did not come from copious amounts of tanning, because lets face it sun-baking is terrible for your skin and also a dull way to spend your summer days.

All of these factors result in me being a big fan of fake tan. I think I can call myself a true fake tan fan as I have had the obligatory oompa loompa moment as well as the awful and obvious elbow and ankle tan incidents.

When I try a new tan I am pretty nervous, after all it could turn out sooooo terrible. I had heard of Eco Tan before, admittedly because I saw that it was made from cacao and anything chocolate must be good, right?! I got my hands on some Cacao Firming Mousse before I went to New York for a week, where my shorts and summer dresses got a sneaky outing. People even commented on how brown I was looking in my photos (I kept quiet that it wasn’t natural). So what was it like?

Considering it has natural cacao this tan is a nice shade of brown, without looking like you are competing in a body building contest. One layer is light so two is best to bring out the more chocolaty colour, one tan is more caramel. I must say, I am incredibly white so any tan I put on without a natural sun-kissed glow does have a tendency to go on orange. As I said, this was more caramel and not a colour I was opposed to.

Ease to apply
I was a little apprehensive as the tan goes on clear and then develops, which I would say it very dangerous for a tanning-first-timer. However despite my initial reservations I was perfectly tanned and almost 100% streak free, which was down to my tanning ability not the tan – don’t forget to rub your tan in circular motions kids!

I used it on my face as well, only very lightly mind you. Rather than apply tan to the mitt and too my face I used whatever was left on the mitt after doing my arms. They do have a face tan water, which is said to not clog your pores and sounds like a great investment.

This is possibly my favourite thing about this tan. With tans I have used in the past they have faded within one shower and I am going through bottles of tan much faster than my wallet appreciates. However, with this my tan lasted without needing a top up for two days – and bare in mind when I tried it New York was averaging 28 degrees and I was sweating up a storm.

I’m a bit of a strange one and I actually don’t mind the smell of most fake tans – you know the obvious, you just painted yourself in fake orange tan smell. This tan smells far from the ordinary tan having a ginger sort of scent to it, a smell I also became very fond of.

This tan made Australian history when it became the first and only organic tan to be certified by the Organic Food Chain. Not only is that super cool, but it also includes natural cacao (chocolate), which I think is great. Other ingredients include herbs, flower extract, fruit extract and chamomile and no synthetic food colouring.  It also isn’t tested on animals and that’s another huge tick.

Another thing that caught my eye is the fact that this tan all started when Sonya Driver’s 30-year-old sister was diagnosed with melanoma. I’m a sucker for personal stories and this one definitely made me even more of an advocate for faking it over baking it. Sonya was on the case to make a tan that was healthy and natural. She researched ingredients and used only the best that are free from all things nasty and artificial.

UPDATE: I used a different fake tan when this one ran out, silly mistake. I woke up the next morning after using the different tan to find my white sheets looked like someone had crushed twisties and chocolate all over them. Eco Tan on the other hand didn’t make my sheets change colour at all!