This One Night-Time Beauty Task Is The Answer To Your Winter Skincare Prayers

If there is one thing worst than the cold in the winter it is that our skin tends to freak out and we find that we are victim to the curse of dry skin.

From cold temperatures to hot showers, air heating and layers of clothing our skin tends to become a little flaky and scaly. Not a look we want, especially when you wear makeup through the day and find it flaking off. That is why it is important to ensure you do not skip exfoliating.

After washing your face you should apply an exfoliate and gently massage to remove any dead skin, dryness and blackheads.

Our pick? Oasis Beauty fruit smoothie, not only does this multi-purpose product give you glowing skin but it smells delicious and it is cruelty free.



Fruit Smoothie


The product is chocka with active naturals*; jojoba, kaolin & pink clays, NZ honeydew, apricot kernel, shea butter, papaya, pineapple, neem and pink grapefruit.

*If you are vegan this is not recommended as it contains honey.