This Online Shopping Hack Will Save You So Much Money

Everyone loves online shopping, and by online shopping I mean filling up your cart on ASOS and checking back regularly until your items are on special.

Well, all you eager online shopping bunnies do we have some news that will make your day! (Hopefully)

Thanks to the app called Honey you can save money. It works with google chrome and is free to download. So what does this magical fairy godmother do? If you are shopping on a website that it compatible with honey all of the vouchers available for that website will pop up, the app also shows you how likely the voucher is to work, we all know there are some interesting ‘deal’ sites out there.

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Once you have filled up your bag the intelligent app will automatically select the code that will save you the most dollar!
It currently works on ASOS and River Island, but because it is a UK app there is not a lot that benefits us in little old New Zealand yet…but this is a look into the future and we like it!