This Pregnant Trainer Is Calling Out Internet Bullies After “Cruel Comments”

A few months away Chontel Duncan posted a picture of herself and a friend who are both pregnant and due a month apart. The photo received incredible backlash, with people freaking out and saying Chontel did not look pregnant at all and was simply showing off.

I was surprised with a cute visit today from a friend Nat who is also expecting ???? Just being able to see someone in the flesh, rub her tummy, hear how incredible her journey has been so far, how healthy baby is & all the fun talk about kicks, food, names etc was beautiful. This is Nat’s 3rd pregnancy so she had a lot of great advice to share ☺️ It’s very clear in this photo just how tall I am, I mean my chin sits above Nat’s head lol We worked out that we are 4 weeks apart, so our little ones will be the same age, same grade at school and potential best buds hehehehe….. Nat’s due start of March & I’m due end of March. Each women carries different and this most certainly doesn’t mean one is doing something wrong or not healthy etc. We both have healthy growing babies & we both have had incredible pregnancies so far, feeling amazing & full of energy. #21.5weeks #expecting #march2016 #pregnant #love #happiness #Babyduncan

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After this photo, everything got a little crazy for Chontel.

“I look like the one on the right and i’m not pregnant,” one person commented. “jesus, im not even pregnant and have more of a belly than the one on the left hahaha” commented another.

The photo caused a lot of headlines and created a lot of discussion.

Let’s just say the last 24hrs have been pretty entertaining to say the least… I have been trying to get through these emails from editors for articles on what has exploded over social media about my pregnancy, to share some truth on a few topics! I do appreciate all the beautiful messages, comments & phone calls it actually blew me away how much support I had that I just didn’t realise. The comments yes I’ve read as many as I could (it’d take too long to read them all) the negative ones I can’t help but giggle at. I either hold very little emotion to that sort of stuff or I really have a weird sense of humour. Either way I wanted to assure you all, that the negativity has NOT in anyway shaken me, upset me or put the slightest bit of stress on my shoulders. I got up this morning trained my upper body & ran the following class… An will continue to listen to my OB as I have done from the very beginning. I guess people will either have an open mind to see that pregnancy comes in all shapes, sizes & abilities or they will continue to live in a hole & never understand. If you’re a secret follower an would like to see more of the everyday kind of stuff my best advice is go onto my snap… It’s nothing fancy just the shit a do on a daily basis!

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She even recieved some support from a pretty big name!

Omg ???? I bloody love Ashton Kutcher! Happy International Women’s Day, lets support women not try drag them down ????????

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Despite the backlash, Chontel posted a photo of her posing next to another women, with a smaller bump than hers. Chontel is 12 days away from her due date in this photo, while the woman on the left has 12 more weeks to go.

Happy, Healthy, baking, first time expecting mummy’s, 12 weeks to go, 12 days to go, fit pregnancies!

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But it seems no one is happy with the expectant mother body, with others hitting back “Left looks normal,” read one comment. Another: “I looked like that at nine weeks.”

As you would expect Chontel was starting to get sick of the drama and responded to the haters in this post.

It’s hard to believe how cruel some of these comments can be… I may not read every comment, every article, every message but for the ones I have briefly read it just blows my mind that someone whom I do not know, whom I’ve never had any form of connection with could have so much anger and hate towards me as I carry my first child. Ive spent many years looking after my health and the health of others to the best of my ability and now I am continuing to focus on my health but more importantly the health of my unborn child’s under the strict instructions of the best health professionals & openly share my journey. What’s sad is how sheltered so many are on what is and what isn’t healthy… Regardless I am so confident in the team that support my journey and so in tune with my body that it does not discourage me & make me feel the need to sit down, stuff a burger down my throat, become bed ridden & live in a bubble. What they are so shocked about is just a fraction of what is so normal to me. It’s safe to say there are people out there that underestimate the female body. Big thanks to for my lushes lashes ???? all ready for tomorrow’s interview with Sunrise. LIVE Mon 21st March NSW 6:40am QLD 7:40am Time to speak about what has been going on over the past 2 weeks ????

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“It’s hard to believe how cruel some of these comments can be,” she said. “What’s sad is how sheltered so many are on what is and what isn’t healthy…It’s safe to say there are people out there that underestimate the female body.”

Most experts agree with Chontel, saying that it is safe to continue working out as long as you do so with the assistance of a medical professional. Here’s hoping Chontel’s bullies take a break because she is about to get sleepless nights from her son, she does not need the haters keeping her up as well.