This Six-Year-Old Can Do Her Makeup Ten Times Better Than You

When I was six my idea of flawless makeup was come bright lipstick smeared on my lips and some blue eye-shadow near my eyelids. All of which came from my plastic makeup kit which had solid eye-shadow applicators and the pallets were in the shapes of little hearts. Just like my stick on earrings, my makeup lasted about five minutes.

Today, when the world is full of incredible beauty vloggers it is no surprise that girls are becoming talented in the art of makeup application from a much younger age, but what about six?

Bella-Rose from Sydney is a budding beauty maven who features on her sisters YouTube vlogs.

Bella-Rose has a lot of supporters who are impressed by her talent, particularly her full-face highlighter challenge where she achieves a super-strobed, music-festival-inspired look.

Of course there is a bit of backlash with people arguing that she is growing up too fast.