This Terrible Early-2000s Trend Is Back And We Are Not Ready

Remember the early 2000s, Avatars were on our movie screens and hip-hop reached its commercial peak, as for us, we were wearing colourful sunglasses with diamantes on the frames and we thought we were hot-to-trot.

This is a trend we hoped would stay a past trend, colourful lenses look so much better when we were teens donning rainbow stripes, tiered skirts and of course dresses over jeans.

It was a hard time for fashion, but it seems we couldn’t let sleeping dogs lie. According to ASOS, our go-to online shop, these glasses are back.

Don’t believe me, have a look.

Bella Hadid was well ahead of the game wearing these pink frames earlier in the year.


My sweet angel @rimafakih <3

A photo posted by Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) on

The rest followed suit.

Rio vibe ??

A photo posted by Lily Donaldson (@lilydonaldson) on

Still remember the exact moment @thecobrashop gave me these shades.. .. Liberated

A photo posted by Charlie Barker (@charliexbarker) on


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