The Trend You Lusted Over In The Early 2000s Is Back

Back in the early 2000’s we were busy watching the OC, remixing the ignition with Usher and imagining what Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey’s children would look like. All the while you were probably sitting in your one shoulder top from HBK.

Everything left us, apart from Usher, but one trust trend is back. That’s right, say goodbye to off the shoulder and hello to one shoulder tops.

Mercedes-Benz fashion week Australia saw a lot of one-shoulder tops strut down the runway and we are pretty excited to see the style off the runway and in the stores.




#newarrivals #online YEOJIN BAE Roxanne top in cream • #yeojinbae

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New arrivals #online • YEOJIN BAE Roxanne top and Pencil skirt in Red ❤️ #yeojinbae

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#VogueFirstLook 6/17: @_dion_lee_ takes on architectural forms. Photographed by @dave_wheeler

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Cannot believe it is back!