This Vegetable Is The Secret Fountain of Youth, and It Is In Your Fridge Right Now!

We were having a chat in the office just before about impending birthdays, things that have become less about cake and more about the fact that we are another year older.

Getting older doesn’t scare me (although mention that I’ll be 25 soon and I might shun you). In saying that, getting older goes hand in hand with bad eye sight (I’m already half way there), wrinkles and goodness knows what other inconveniences we will soon be battling.

I’m still holding out for a fountain of youth, but until then I will be munching away on brocolli as this lean, green machine has been linked to anti-ageing, along with tonnes of other superfood benefits.

A study by the Washington University School of Medicine, published in Cell Metabolism, found that broccoli can fight the signs of ageing.

The study used mice to see if ‘long term administration’ of an enzyme, Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, lessens ‘age-associated physiological decline’. The answer – yes.

When given to ageing mice the enzyme allowed them to use that enzyme up as energy, so it also help with preventing age-associated weight gain. It also helped improve their eyesight,  promoted physical activity, ” improved insulin sensitivity and plasma lipid profile”.

They concluded that “these effects of NMN highlight the preventive and therapeutic potential of NAD+ intermediates as effective anti-aging interventions in humans.”

This enzyme is found in greens like broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, edamame and avocado – stock up on these bad boys!

Guess we should bow down to our parents and thank them for making us eat our greens, even when we were kicking and screaming…Tip for parents out there, tell your children their brocolli is mini trees, some strange way it works! Or if all else fails go Burger Burger style and smother the broccoli in butter and garlic – healthy? No…Tasty? Yes!