This Woman’s Rant About Inconsistent Clothing Sizes Is So Relatable

Ever gone into a store, picked up a pair of shorts in your normal size and when you put them on in the changing room found they were a little tight? Well you are not alone. But how often have you been confused and annoyed due to the fact that you are always that size. Again, you are not alone. Sure, you know that the size on the label doesn’t matter, but in a society obsessed with ‘skinny’ it is hard not to be a bit frustrated.

You are not alone. Missy Rogers from Groveville posted a picture of two pairs of shorts that has since gone viral with over 75,000 shares. The image shows two pairs of shorts lying on top of each other.

“The black is a size 4.
The maroon is a size 10*.”

You can see from the image that the two are basically the same size, with less than a CM difference. This viral post has shown just how inconsistent clothing sizes are and how crazy sizing is becoming.

“How is it that what was considered at size 4 is now the same dimensions of a size 10? How small has a size 4 become?”

Missy has a great point, how many of us go into a store a feel disheartened when we have to go up a size! She continues to speak to us when she comments on our reluctance to look away from the number.

“A specific size is not a number to describe your beauty, health, and body. It is literally just a number printed on a tag.”

Miss is shocked at how far her ‘short rant’ has gone, “If it has positively impacted even just one person and reminded he or she that size is just a number, then it was well worth it?”

She said that “the purpose was to remind everyone that size is just a number and we should find clothing we like and feel comfortable in rather than worrying about the number on the tag. Love yourself and don’t let the number define you.”

She has a pretty good message that more of us could do with remembering.

*US size 4 is a NZ 8, US 10 is an NZ 14.

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