Five tasks to add to your diary to increase productivity

Since Pure SEO was started in 2009, we have grown at an astronomic rate; we have been listed by Deloitte in the 500 fastest growing tech companies in the Asia Pacific for the past 4 consecutive years. All that growth has meant that time management has become a crucial aspect of my day to day life.

We’ve all wished for more time in the day, and probably would even if the day was 5 hour longer. But how would you spend that extra time?Whether you’d cash in your extra hours for getting ahead in your career or just hitting the snooze button a few more times, I’m sharing my favourite time management tips to make it feel as though that wish was granted. When it comes to bouncing between a million projects at the office, adding these five items to your calendar will help focus your energy and turn busyness into productivity.


  1. Eat That Frog

Think about that one task you need to do and your keep putting off, the one that you know if important but you really don’t want to do it. Originally coined by Brian Tracey, eat that frog refers to doing that task first thing, after that every other task will be a breeze – after all you have got the big one off your back already!


  1. Schedule performance reviews – with yourself

You regularly check in with your employees to track their progress towards goals, identify potential roadblocks, and brainstorm a plan of attack for key initiatives. But how much time do you spend assessing your own productivity? Take time to connect with yourself to identify where you’re succeeding and areas for improvement. Decide on a quarterly, monthly, or weekly timetable, add internal check-ins to your diary, and hold yourself to them. I use software like Trello and Slack to set and track my progress.


  1. Assign deadlines for everything

When juggling the demands of multiple clients, projects, and a personal life, there’s nothing more powerful than prioritisation. Beyond keeping a detailed to-do list, add each task to your diary, or Trello ‘to do’ board with a realistic time allotment. Working under the pressure of a personal deadline may help offset tendencies towards procrastination and minimize the chance of distraction.


  1. Take time to have a think

Our diaries fill up quick. Between internal meetings and client touch-bases, when do you find the time to brainstorm your next big idea? Innovation takes time, and if you don’t have it, your business may become stagnant before you know it. Step out of your normal routine to become more receptive to inspiration – catch up on industry news, have a conversation over coffee with a mentor, attend a professional meetup, or simply have a think.


  1. Prevent burnout by blocking out “me time”

We’re all guilty of working through lunch or skipping an afternoon yoga session. But there’s nothing more important than nurturing your body and mind. If you have a hard time peeling yourself away from unfinished tasks, knock out a workout first thing in the morning. Or, in anticipation of finishing a project make a booking with co-workers at your favourite sushi restaurant to celebrate.

Historically I have always been a ‘yes’ man. However, as I have evolved as a leader I have come to realise that if you say yes to everyone and everything you achieve very little. I have become very selective about which meetings I accept and which projects I get involved in. I have a great team around me who are more than capable to deal with a lot of things I used to waste my time on.

richardconwayRichard Conway is Founder & CEO of Pure SEO.


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