Tinder Reveals The Sexiest Jobs For Men And Women

Tinder has hit off like no dating app ever has before, bringing in a new way to date. Now, thanks to Tinder, we have an idea of what the sexiest jobs are for both men and women.

In November the app made an update that made it even easier to decide whether to swipe left or right. They added the ability for people to also include job and education to their profiles, giving potential matches more to consider before making their fateful decision.

Since November the dating app has been compiling data and has now shared their results on what jobs people swipe right on the most. Of course, there were the classics that we expected to see on each list, but we were pleasantly surprised to see founder/entrepreneur and other such professions made the list, perhaps men are becoming less intimated by woman with strong career paths.

Here are the hottest 15 jobs, according to Tinder!

1. Physical Therapist
2. Interior Designer
3. Founder/Entrepreneur
4. PR/Communications
5. Teacher
6. College Student
7. Speech-Language Pathologist
8. Pharmacist
9. Social Media Manager
10. Model
11. Dental Hygienist
12. Nurse
13. Flight Attendant
14. Personal Trainer
15. Real Estate Agent

1. Pilot
2. Founder/Entrepreneur
3. Firefighter
4. Doctor
5. TV/Radio Personality
6. Teacher
7. Engineer
8. Model
9. Paramedic
10. College Student
11. Lawyer
12. Personal Trainer
13. Financial Advisor
14. Police Officer
15. Military