Tips For Prolonging Your Manicure From The Experts

Sitting down at the manicurist or doing your nails is a luxury and one of lives small pleasure, but that does not mean we want to be applying lashings of nail polish week after week because we have a manicure that doesn’t last.

There are plenty of nail hacks out there, most of which I am sure we have all tried. But sometimes the only way to make something really last is to ask the expert. We spoke to Autumn Cairns from Spring Spa, who said the key to a longer lasting manicure is in the before and after care.

“Whether it’s gel or normal polish, there are a few simple rules you can follow to keep your manicure looking better longer.”

Cairns asked the most senior therapists and trainers at Spring Spa for their insider’s tips for polish perfect.

The base. 
Having a good foundation makes all the difference.  Most people’s nails have some issues, whether it’s flaking, weakness or snapping at the corners.  The solution we recommend is using a treatment base coat to heal and repair.  For nails that break at the corners, try Jessica

Rejuvenation base coat – it’s a misconception that your nails need to be harder, they actually need moisture to increase flexibility and prevent breakages.  Use Jessica Fusion base coat for flaky nails, it bonds layers together and stops those annoying chips on the tops and edges.  Our absolute favourite is Jessica Nails Critical care, an all in one, like fertiliser for your nails, making them stronger and longer tackling all manner of problems.


Moisturiser is your friend. 
We are a fan of cuticle oils and hand creams, both will ensure the skin around your nails stays healthy and prevent cracked cuticles. We trust in Margaret Dabbs Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Serum.  Formulated to strengthen, protect and hydrate nails and cuticles, it’s really liquid gold in a handbag sized bottle.

Gloves are a manicure’s best friend.
Make sure you wear gloves when washing dishes or having to put your hands in water for any length of time.  Excessive water around the nails can affect the longevity of your polish.

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