4 Traits That Make Women More Attractive To Men According To Science

Everyone says that looks don’t matter and that it is what is on the inside that counts – which is totally true. But in a day and age where more and more people are finding their ‘true loves’ on Tinder and other social media platforms, it would seem that looks play a large role in the initiation of any relationship. So what are men really looking for? Thanks to a whole lot of researchers, we now have an idea what traits men find most attractive in a women – some of which might surprise you!


1. Bright, pearly whites!
Teeth signal mate quality, according to this study anyway. The trick is to find the perfect balance. The researchers found that yellower, less even teeth were perceived as less attractive, while brilliantly white smiles were judges as no more attractive than naturally white smiles. Natural always wins!

2. Larger hips-to-waist ration. 
New Zealand researchers found that men prefer a larger waist-to-hip ratio, in other words men like a little booty!

3. Higher voice.
This must be where the baby voice comes from, something many of us wish we would never hear in public. This study found that men prefer female pitches to be higher – presumably going back to the idea of male dominance and ‘manliness’ with a deep voice.

4. Brunettes!
Surprise surprise, it seems men prefer brunettes. A 2008 study found that brunettes were rated ‘more favourably’ than blondes.

5. Laughing at their jokes.
Men love a lady that laughs at their jokes, nothing like an ego boost right! According to the journal of Evolution and Human Behaviour men are attracted to woman who laugh at their jokes and have a good sense of humor.