9 Travel Tips Everyone Should Know Before Their Next Holiday

If you have been bitten by the travel bug you will know that daydreaming about far away places takes up about 40% of your week.  You wish that you could pack up your bags and leave, but alas, responsibilities and a thing called life anchor your down. Once in a while you will be in luck and get to book a flight and explore, so it is only right you know these travel hacks that even the most seasoned traveller is unaware of.

When booking flights.

1. When you are looking for flights enable private browsing or ‘incognito mode’. Travel sites track your visits and it is believed that they increase the price based on your search history! If you know a thing or two about computers you can also clear your cache.

2. Don’t book your flights to early because it has been proven that the average domestic fare was 19% higher when you booked 6 months in advance, rather than just one month.

3. When selecting your seats pick the aisle and window seat, it is rare that anyone will fill the middle seat and you will get a whole row. If a solo traveller does take it you can just ask to switch to sit next to your travel partner.

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