How To Travel With Your Wedding Dress

Whether you are having a destination wedding or flying to get married at at home with your soon-to-be-hubby flying with your wedding dress is a stressful situation, stress you do not need at this time.

Almost no bride recommends putting your dress in your suitcase, it doesn’t seem fare to test fate and see whether this is the one time you lose your luggage. So carry on it is. Getting your dress from A to B in your site is likely to fill you with a bit of worry, but with these simple tips you will be hanging it up at your destination with no worries.

Call your airline ahead of time

Most airlines will do what they can to help you get your dress to your destination with minimal wrinkles. Of corse, while they will do all they can sometime there simply is not room to hang it or no on-board closet. If this is the case speak nicely with the people around you and lay it over everyone’s carry on luggage  in the overhead. No one is going to mind!

Get a small hand steamer

If you are going for a destination wedding it is better to be safe than sorry. A small hand steamer can save you stress on arrival and it will get rid of any small wrinkles your dress may gather from the trip.

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Get the dress company to professionally pack your dress

If you are concerned you can get a small suitcase that fits the size regulations and get the dress company to pack it, which is something they are experts at after doing this so often. Then you can pop it up in the carry on without a care in the world.

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