Travel Pros Never Go On Holiday Without These 4 Things

They say preparation is key, whether you are running a marathon or baking a cake – you need to train or have all the ingredients laid out in front of you. Travelling is a lot like this. When I was in Italy we made the mistake of not booking a hotel in Milan early, instead we decided we would do it a few days prior. This didn’t work and instead we found ourselves wandering around Milan, in the rain like any good movie would have it. We then booked into what had to be the house of horrors – mold covered the bathroom and the beds looked like something out of a horror movie boarding house.

We ran out, but not before my dad got stuck in the doors of the rickety old elevator. It became quite a funny story, but at the time we were reminded how important a little preparation is. That is why I have found 4 of the best holiday preparation tricks that you need to include in your holiday.


Vitamin Supplements

St John’s Wort

These natural tablets can be purchased from the supermarket or the healthcare store and they are the bees knees when it comes to relaxation. The natural herb in these tablets will balance your mood and help you cope with emotional stress, tension and irritability. It also reduces worry. Whether you are a nervous flyer or barely phased by turbulence, these tablets will help take the edge of having to sit still for 11 hours. I thank these tablets for the fact that I slept over half of my flight to San Fran and back.

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If you have a sensitive stomach these could become a godsend , especially if you are travelling somewhere with food you do not normally eat. The medication is used to treat symptoms caused by too much stomach acid such as heartburn, upset stomach or indigestion. Do make sure you check with a health professional.