Trend to try: Sci-Fi Chic

From Auckland to Paris, aliens are invading the runways with space themed collections of futuristic glasses and otherworldly gems.

While historically science-fiction hasn’t had much of an influence on the fashion world, all that is about to change – and in unlikely twist it’s all thanks to Rihanna. Teaming up with French fashion house Dior, RiRi has co-designed a range of futuristic shades inspired by the Star Trek character, Geordi La Forge. The Rihanna collection includes six pairs of shades in pink, silver, blue, green and red as well as a a 24-karat gold plated special edition. But be sure to get in quick – the last collab Rihanna did with German brand Puma earlier this year sold out in just 35 minutes.




Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, there’s no denying some of the world’s most beautiful and iconic imagery originates from tales of the zodiac. It is these very stories that inspired Deadly Ponies latest winter collection, Rust. Drawing inspiration from the romanticism of ancient mythologies and astrology, Deadly Ponies’ latest offering features bags in fiery shades of red to match the brand’s own zodiac sign of Sagittarius and its element, fire. Some signature styles have also been given an astrological twist. Bold and bright, Deadly Ponies newest collection is straight from the heavens.


Mr Siamese Gem Black Handbag


Mr Mini Chain Mail Gem Black Handbag