12 Ultimate Hacks To Help You Survive Being A Female

With all of the drama and feuds going on in the world it is nice to see women actually working together on daily female struggles, I’m talking that time of the month, manicures, and how to make the most of your expensive beauty purchases.

Reddit users have got together and shared their female life hacks, which we must admit are guaranteed to change our life!


1. Extend a manicure by applying a clear top coat 4 or 5 days after initial manicure – MyCarIsBlue

2. Shave with conditioner! A bottle of suave is like $1 and it also makes your legs super soft. Or if you need the shaving cream to see your lines, just apply it after your done. Using a body scrub after shaving is also really good for preventing razor burn. – meerkat1118


4. If you wear perfume and spray your wrists, don’t rub them together. It makes the scent disappear faster.  – meerkat1118

5. Instead of buying feminine wipes to freshen up, I purchase baby wipes. – TrishBubble

6. Always keep a change of clothes in your trunk and a pair of flat shoes. You never know, and you will thank yourself the day you need them.

7.  Hydrogen Peroxide will get blood out of anything very quickly. – RedErin

8. Clear nailpolish in purse for snags in pantyhose! – withlovealone

9. If you need some push-up and don’t have a push-up bra, bring the strap between your cups closer together and pin (a bigger safety pin works best). Instant push-up! – exjentric

10. If you have small feet, like sizes 5-6 or large feet sizes 10+, you can buy designer shoes for SUPER cheap prices at department stores like Macy’s. Their For Sale racks are stocked with the last pairs of awesome shoes, like the Coach ones i bought for $20. – institvte

11. Take a picture of your “favorite” haircut from the front and the back, when you go to a new salon, take the pictures with you so they know exactly what to reproduce. – _Kita_

12. keep deodorant, floss, mouthwash and a comb/brush at work, for the days you’re running late and forget the basics. – laloga

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