These are 3 Weird But Likely Reasons As To Why You Are So Tired

I have an alarm that goes off on my phone at 9.30 every night to remind me to get some sleep – I am one of these people that is atrocious when tired.

It might seem early, but I am all for eight hours a night – and let’s be honest the alarm is just a passive-aggressive way of reminding myself not to start a new Netflix episode.

Unfortunately, no matter how early I got to sleep I still find myself yawning and rubbing my eyes like a sleepy child halfway through the day.

I’m not alone in this as I look around the office, dodging someone else contagious yawn. Thankfully, science has yet again got our back with these suggestions as to why we are always tired.

Your room is messy

Raise your hand if you are guilty of this one, yup, just like I thought. So many of us are having a light bulb moment and vowing to go home and clean our room. A recent study found that a messy, cluttered room can make it hard to concentrate and as a result you are waking up restless.


You are thirsty

Not drinking enough water is honestly the root of so many problems – including always feeling tired. Researchers found that mild dehydration affects the moods of healthy, young women – including our tired eyes.


Your phone

We all do it, lying in bed, relaxing, having a sneaky scroll through Facebook or Instagram. It’s mindless, surely it is good before bed to help us relax right? Wrong! The blue light on your phone and on your laptop can keep you alert way passed your bed time. Try reading and you will be surprised at how easily you drift into a happy sleep, or if you have to go on your phone or your computer, download f.lux or put on night shift.