What Would You Do If You Needed Blood But Your Blood Type Was Missing

People rarely think about their blood type, many of us don’t even know what type we are. But what would you do if your blood type were to go missing and you were not able to get the help you might need.

It seems like a far fetch idea, something you only think about when the time comes and you are in dire need of blood but unable to get the help you need.

To bring this to life, New Zealand Blood Service has taken the A’s and O’s, two of the most in-demand blood types, out of everyday life.

The L&P bottle has said goodbye to it’s A’s and O’s as well as Starship Hospital, the Wellington sign and many other leading businesses, charities and celebrities.

NZBS National Manager Marketing and Communications, Asuka Burge, says“It is an ambitious goal but we are seeking 10,000 first time blood donors to join our life saving team.  In New Zealand, 85 per cent of the population has A and O blood types, which means these groups are most in demand.  Even if someone doesn’t know their blood type, there is a very good chance they can help. Simply by registering on our website, nzblood.co.nz, a first time donor is taking the first step to finding out their blood type and how best they can help.”

At the moment less than four percent of eligible New Zealander’s donate blood and there is no alternative for patients in need of blood or blood products.