Wine Review: Banrock Station’s Fruit Fusions

Banrock Station has come up withe perfect summer drink – a delightful take on the traditional Sangria, but even better.

It has taken three different wines and blended them with natural fruit to produce three refreshing blends called Fruit Fusion – perfect for that summer backyard BBQ and something that will please everyone. Made to drink over ice and even better if you add some pieces of fresh summer fruit. At just 10.5 percent alcohol, Fruit Fusions are perfect for those long hot summer nights.

Fruit Fusion – Crisp White Wine with Tropical Fruits
A crisp white wine blended with the natural juice of peaches, mangos, passionfruit and pineapples to result in a delectable and refreshingly sweet wine. Enjoy with delicate cheese platters and desserts or with crisp summer salads.
What makes this choice even better is that every bottle you buy of Banrock Station wine will help save the planet. Since 1995, Banrock Station has contributed more than $6 million into environmental projects around the world

Fruit Fusion – Soft Red Wine with Raspberry & Blackcurrant
Fusing a soft red wine with the natural juice of raspberries and blackcurrants. The taste is a perfect balance of red berry fruits combined with the ripe, juicy plum flavours of their red wine. Enjoy with pre-dinner nibbles, a cheese platter or seafood, Vietnamese rolls and fresh fruit platters.

Fruit Fusion – Refreshing Rosé Wine with –Summer Berries
A refreshing rosé delicately blended with the natural juice of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. The result is a bright, fruity, refreshingly sweet rosé wine perfect for sharing with friends. Enjoy with a warm Thai beef salad or a spicy Asian stir-fry.