Wine Review: The Right Rich Red

Poderi Crisci on Waiheke Island, the brain child of Antonio Crisci, specialises in super Tuscan wines, based on Bordeaux-blends with handpicked grapes exclusively from their own vines. These wines have been inspired by the granddaddy of super Tuscan wine the Sassicaia – a wine that breaks from the need for appellation or DOCG (labelled wines analysed and tasted by government–licensed personnel before being bottled). Viburno is Antonio’s favourite. They produce only 8,000 bottles of this wine but as Antonio points out ‘less is best when you are producing great wines’.



Named after a plant with a blue and pink flower that has its roots in Roman history representing power and elegance and synonymous with great promise. This wine is made from Merlot (70%) and Cabernet Franc (25%) blended in the tradition of the super Tuscany wines with a touch of Montepulciano (5%). “Good enough to be a Sussicaia” says Antonio. We tried the 2012 Viburno and we were impressed. Viburno is a rich complex wine, full of flavour of dark berries and a soft palette. If this is what a Sussicaia tastes like I am sold.



Remember to drink responsibly.