Women Share The Hardest Things About Being A Female

We have said it before and we will say it again, being a women is hard work.

Not only are we the child bearers, a miraculous yet crazy joy of life, but we also experience a lot of crap! So much so that ask reddit thought it was important to find out the hardest thing about being a women that we would like men to know.

I guarantee you will get to the end of the list and feel as though someone has read a list of all the woes you have in the world.

1. The expectation of wearing makeup to look professional. If you were to wear a professional outfit , say, a pantsuit or a nice dress; it appears incomplete without makeup or hair done. Natural curly hair is also viewed as unprofessional. Women have to invest so much more time into their appearance just to appear “professional.” – dividebyzero9

2. The expectation that I, as a mother, have a greater parental responsibility. – papillon24

3. Having adult men make sexual comments to you as a child. I have been followed and heckled by men when travelling to and from school, in my school uniform. Strangely I don’t get it now as an adult, but wtf as a 13 year old I could not walk past a white van or building site without comments. Legitimate opinions, annoyances and concerns are dismissed as ‘being emotional’. Yet when men get angry or moody no one questions it. – mmlemony

4. We are assumed to know nothing about cars, and therefore more likely to get screwed over by mechanics. – vkittykat

5. Having to deal with heavy menstrual bleeding. You guys are seriously so lucky not to have to deal with this shit. – beachlover77

6. I think for me, the hardest part is the intense pressure to be sexually attractive, and almost always having the way I look weigh more heavily than my intellect or character regarding others’ opinion of my worth.

I have noticed that my weight and level of physical attractiveness matter far more to others than any other aspect of who I am. How “f***able” I am generally determines how worthy people feel I am of being treated with kindness and respect; as a reasonably bright and ambitious woman, I feel profoundly degraded and insulted by that. This is not only true in almost every romantic situation, but also in the workforce, platonic friendships, and the public sphere. – sodabrothel

7. Being nervous about going walking, biking, hiking or camping by myself in benign places that guys probably wouldn’t give a thought to. – ianaad

8. Honestly, I would say that it isn’t being taken seriously. If I look at males in my field, it appears that they have to work a lot less at managing perceptions. – Crazycatladylvl

9. It’s unrealistic to think that all women will have the same ideas about what’s hard. But mine might be…
My adventures are limited because of my gender.
There are more things I shouldn’t do, and places in the world I shouldn’t go, than there are for men, because as a solo female traveler or adventurer, it’s not advisable.
That kinda sucks.
*Also: I have common sense. I am smart. My emotions sometimes overrule this. I am embarrassed but it’s part of who I am. Just know this and help me laugh about it. Don’t make me feel bad about it.
– Whoneedsyou

10. That intelligence does not make you a bitch, know it all or ball buster. I understand it is all about how you present yourself, but it is often assumed that a woman in a strong/powerful position got there by being vicious. – gingerjedi3

11. This is specific to backwards cultures: being told I can’t do something because I am a girl. My relatives have actually said things like this. for instance my uncle cheated on his wife and no one made a fuss. but when my cousin who was arranged to marry someone twice her age while she was 16 years old goes for a coffee with another man. everyone was pointing the finger at her and shaming her to death for it. If a man cheats he is just being a guy, if a women cheats she is a slutty despicable human that has shamed their whole family. -xxxxxxxfishcakexxxx

12. I’m a 43 year old woman. The expectation of looking good…for my age is incredible. If I don’t look at least 5 years younger it’s like I failed something.
“Yeah but this actress or that model looks so good and she’s your age.” If I had a team of skin/hair/makeup specialists and was working full time on myself I would look great too.
– sonia72quebec

13. I don’t usually feel I can “just go swimming”. I need to shave, check time of the month, and feel comfortable in my own skin, which tends to prevent the snap decisions of “Let’s go swimming” I enjoyed as a kid. – PintsizedPachyderm

14. Having virtually everything one does be preceded by the fact you’re a woman. Example: You’re not a programmer, you’re a female programmer. Certain women find benefits in accepting this sort of labeling, but it exists whether you like it or not. My gender has nothing to do with the quality of my work. It actually has very little to do with anything. Also, being comparable to other women – but this is something I feel is experienced by everyone in varying degrees. What another woman does/says to you has nothing to do with me; I shouldn’t have to answer for it. Women are humans and humans are different from one another. Everyone just relax. – logician-magician

15. Honestly one of the hardest things is men not knowing when no means no. It gets to the point where we have to give out fake phone numbers to creeps in bars or other public places just to get them to leave us alone. – thedrunknerd

What else can you think of?

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