Your Favourite Snapchat Filter Was Just Called Out For Being Inappropriate

We all love a good Snapchat, and the newest feature update has without a doubt made it ten times more enjoyable. But one of the newest and most popular filters is being called out for whitewashing.

You know the one, the pretty flower headband that makes you look like Kylie Jenner at Coachella. The filter instantly transforms you face, much like a beauty filter, while leaving your face significantly lighter.

With all the controversy around whitening products, it is no surprise that this filter has outraged social media.

Another filter has been causing a stir, no not the Bob Marley one which celebrated 4/20, but the ‘beautifying’ filter that slims your face, chisels your cheekbones and banishes every blemish. It is quite unsettling that it is acceptable for a snapchat filter to do all of this to your face!