It Is Highly Likely That Your Fitness Tracker Is Lying To You

Fitness trackers have become the gadget of the future, especially with the introduction of the FitBit and similar devices and the ever-clever smart watches. These gadgets track your steps, heart beat, calories, sleep and even tell you when to get off your butt and get moving. However, it seems your trusty fitness pal is underestimating you and not giving credit where  credit is due.

The study published in PLOS One in May had 22 participants test four fitness trackers with the ability to measure their heart rate.  The trackers included the Apple Watch, FitBit Charge HR, Mio Alpha, and the Samsung Gear S. Participants were measured in the lab then ran and cycled with interspersed periods of rest.

The study found that while all devices were pretty accurate when it came to heart rate, they were not very good at estimating how much energy you were putting out. In fact, there was an error rate of up to 43%.

If you are working out you want your fitness tracker to take in to consideration how hard you are working! It’s great that it is keeping you active, but bear in mind you might be working even harder than the tracker thinks! Give yourself a pat on the back!

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