How to fight ageing: Your natural age-defence strategy

As we age, we are more susceptible to external conditions, loss of suppleness and firmness, appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and the loss of skin brightness. Evolu addresses these issues with their new all-natural Active Age-Defence range, a trio of plant-powered products formulated to support the skin’s natural ability to defend itself. In line with increasing interest in anti-aging products as a preventative solution, the Active Age-Defence trio caters to women of all ages.

Evolu founder Kati Kasza’s first steps into skincare arose from her frustration at not being able to find a product to resolve the problems that plagued her skin.

The success of her products may well have taken root in Kati’s childhood. Her parents were Hungarian emigrés to New Zealand, whose appreciation of fine ingredients and the power of nature was passed on to Kati at a young age. She gained her understanding of the health benefits of plants from her mother, a trained botanist and herbalist. From her father, one of New Zealand’s wine-making pioneers, she acquired her knowledge of well-chosen ingredients and the power of blending them successfully.


Since day one, Evolu has prided itself on an ethical and eco-conscious culture.

On this foundation, Kati created her products specifically to nourish and restore balance to the skin’s natural mechanisms.Working with expert cosmetologists, Kati maintains her hands-on approach to developing her formulations, customising each to specific requirements and harnessing expanding scientific research that shows the natural components of botanicals are also the essential elements in keeping your skin healthy and radiant.

Evolu products also demonstrate Kati’s deep understanding of how plant extracts work when blended together. A lengthy list of ingredients isn’t necessarily a guide to an effective product. When the formulation is kept simple, using only the most effective and essential actives chosen for a specific job, then the concentrations can be higher to create a potent solution for your skin.

Since day one, Evolu has prided itself on an ethical and eco-conscious culture. The company is a CarboNZero™ certified organisation, it avoids animal testing and its products are vegetarian friendly and completely free of unnecessary synthetics. Above all, the Evolu philosophy is that skincare should not only be effective but also a pleasure to use. The range is designed to turn your everyday beauty routine into a satisfying treat.

Powered by green coffee oil, a superstar age-fighting active naturally rich in antioxidant vitamin E and linoleic acid, this rehydrator works to counter the environmental damage and oxidative stresses that occur on a daily basis, helping keep skin youthful-looking at any age. Delivering deep moisture, essential vitamins and protein boosters, the protective blend works to shield cells from premature aging, sustain elasticity and strengthen your skin’s natural resilience.
Active Age-Defence Resilience Day Cream

Evolu Active Age-Defence Resilience Day Cream
The pure plant extracts that enrich this overnight cream include potent phytosterols, derived from the subtropical oakleaf fern. These are the essential nutrients required to activate cell renewal, the process that enables your skin to regenerate, helping thicken the epidermis while you sleep. By enhancing the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the Regenerative Overnight Cream promotes a natural tightening effect to help restore firmness.
Active Age-Defence Regenerative Overnight Cream

Evolu Active Age-Defence Regenerative Overnight Cream


No matter what time of day it is, the delicate eye area requires sensitive care but also extra support as we age. Designed to correct dark shadows and smooth expression lines, this light, easily-absorbed cream utilises vitamin-rich Ulva marine algae and the brightening effects of alfalfa and lupin extracts, as well as skin-plumping oat kernel extract and antioxidant-rich kiwifruit seed oil.
Active Age-Defence Firming Eye Cream

Evolu Active Age-Defence Firming Eye Cream




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