10 Foods To Burn Your Winter Belly Right Off

Wonderfoods, right? The stuff of legends? Well, legends have rootings in fact, and these foods are factually ensured to help you burn some of that fat that just won’t leave you alone.

1. KaleKale

Kale is a natural superfood. It is the most nutrient dense food on Earth, helps suppress appetite and clears toxins from your body. An average salads-worth of kale has around 10 grams of fiber and enough nutrients to help detox your liver for 48 hours! This leads to less cravings for sugar and fried food.

2. Broccoli Rabe


Think of broccoli rabe as like your lawyer. It goes in to bat for you and convinces your fat cells to burn through the phytonutrient sulforaphane. Mix with Italian sausage for an easy dinner, or try tossing broccoli rabe with summer squash, olive oil, mint, lemon juice and pine nuts for a crisp refreshing summer salad.

3. Avocadosavo

Despite all the reports saying avocado contains millions of the bad fat (actual scientific quote), it is actually monounsaturated fat. This type of fat helps cells to mingle better with fat-burning hormones, as well as switching off the body’s fat storage system. On top of this it boosts metabolism by protecting the energy-producing part of cells from free-radical damage.

4. Brazil Nuts


Those big nuts in mixed nut bags are actually little fat burners, so don’t pick them out just yet. They help boost metabolism by converting the thyroid hormone to its active form. They also help prevent cellulite growth by binding the toxins that sit in fat cells.

5. Chia Seedschia-seeds

Seeds are typically very good for you, and chia seeds are packed with omega-3, fiber and protein. These help suppress appetite, get your metabolism going and turn on glucagon – a fat-burning hormone. A good idea is to soak them for about 15 minutes so the seeds swell up like a balloon. This means you don’t need to eat as many before you’re full.

6. SalmoniStock_000016550101Medium

Fat burning foods won’t get you all the way to a six-pack, but salmon can help a lot on the path. Salmon contains omega-3 which helps improve insulin sensitivity which, in turn, helps shrink abdominal fat. It also activates the thyroid hormone for that metabolism boost.

7. Oystersoysters

Oysters are brilliant for eating out on a diet. They have barely any calories but also are huge sources of zinc – this helps decrease appetite and PMS-related cravings. Plus, they are known as an aphrodisiac…

8. Coconut Oilshutterstock_196011458

Coconut oil is rich in medium-chained-triglycerides (MCTs) which is your bodies go-to for energy.  Using MCTs over olive oil shows a greater abdominal fat-loss over a period of 16 weeks – although keep a hold of your olive oil as it has other beneficial properties. Use the coconut oil for cooking and olive as a dressing instead.

9. Cinnamoncinnamon

Cinnamon helps move glucose into the cells faster so that insulin doesn’t hang around as much. However; a cinnamon bun won’t cut it. You need around a quarter of a teaspoon at least to get those fat-burning benefits.

10. CoffeeCoffee-Cup-Bowl-With-Grains-Images

Finally, something on this list I’m already on top of! Coffee stimulates adrenaline which sends a message to your fat stores to burn fat. If you drink it about 20 minutes before a workout, it acts as an ergogenic aid, letting you train harder. Just take it black, as milk reduces its potential. Also, be warned: more than one cup of day can cause interference with your body’s regulation of insulin, its fat storage hormone.