10 Super Easy Ways To Enhance happiness

Being happy is hard. I don’t mean just comfortable, I mean when everything warms up from the inside and overflows. It’s easy to distract ourselves with buying things and succumbing to the desire to consume, but is this really happiness? For some people, yes. But for most, not really. So how do you be happy? Well it boils down to a few things, some of which may not be totally familiar to you. In any case, it’s good to try and bring at least a few of these philosophies into your daily life to ensure you at least have a good stab at enjoying true happiness.

1.) Put your morals first

As soon as you put your morals in front of anything else, your quality of life will see a boost. Keep your word, be truthful and treat people how you would want to be treated.

2.) Embrace change

Don’t be afraid of changing if things aren’t working. In the same way as how you stop eating certain things because they make you ill, stop doing things that make you unhappy. If your significant other is constantly on your nerves, sit down with the and sort it out, don’t just muscle through it. Both guys and girls!

3.) Know the difference between weak self love and ruthless self love

Weak self love: “Buy lunch today, it’s okay, just make food for tomorrow.”

Ruthless self love: “Don’t buy lunch today, you’ve got to save for that Europe trip!”

4.) Cheating your rules only cheats yourself

Pretty self explanatory, really. You don’t gain anything by cheating, you only lose.

5.) ‘Likes’ do not equal true gratification

Social media is just a highlight reel. No one shares how hard things were, they only post what they want people to see, in order to generate an artificial life online. Don’t worry if your latest Instagram upload is a flop compared to the other one of the sunset, only focus on what makes you happy, not the rest of the world.

6.) Go with your gut

Every time you think “man, I should really get some sleep”, why not just do it? If you suddenly think “why are we fighting over this?” make peace and move on. It does nothing but harm you in the long run.

7.) Learn the difference between needs and wants

Some people have trouble distinguishing between what they need and what they want. For example, you don’t need that spray tan, that fourth round of beer, or even fame. You want all of that.

8.) Be selfless

Being selfless gives you a huge amount more gratification than being selfish. Think of how good it feels to give someone a gift they truly appreciate, and now try and do that more often! Obviously don’t go overboard – still look after yourself – but if you can give a little, why not?

9.) Avoid the ego

It’s easy to get all puffed up after you’ve done something worthwhile. Of course there’s credit where it’s due but try not to let it go to your head. No one wants to be around someone who is constantly reminding people of how great they are.

10.) Remember, luck is a human invention

Sometimes yes, luck can make or break your day. But instead of throwing your fate to the gods in your $10 Lotto ticket, try and focus on things that you can control. Of course, if it makes you feel better, go nuts on the Lotto ticket. Just don’t be selfish or egotistical if you win!