12 rooftop pools that will have you booking days off instantly

There’s nothing that radiates the heights of luxury (literally) than a rooftop pool. Something about the tranquil deck chairs overlooking the crystal clear water and the bright, unimpeded sky combined with the best cityscapes stretching out around you makes even the nicest beaches look a little cheap.

Grab your mojitos, Ray Bans and your double-digit sunblock and get ready to Google accomodation costs – here are 12 of the nicest rooftop pools from around the world.


The Berkeley Hotel in London sports some seriously wealthy stuff on its topmost floor. From those gorgeous marble columns to the deckchairs complete with rolled towels, it looks like even in winter this pool could be warm and inviting.


Park Hyatt in Sydney offers stunning views of the surrounding city and harbor, including the iconic Opera House. A pool plus spa makes for a surefire all-season winner, except when it’s raining maybe…


The London in West Hollywood actually looks like something out of an old-timey movie, with those white and blue grandiose marquees sheltering you (in your best Rita Hayworth/Humphrey Bogart attire) from the beating LA sun.


San Paulo’s Hotel Unique switches it up with deep, underwater red lights that give off a very sultry, romantic atmosphere. If you’re looking to pull out all the stops for your upcoming anniversary, look no further.


Nice is a hotspot on the French Riviera, and the Radisson Blu Hotel certainly doesn’t deviate from the first-class luxuries you would expect in such a place. I mean, just look at that view!