These Are The 5 Most Toxic Personality Traits For Any Relationship

Toxicity in relationships can appear from anyone, and in so many forms. We are scared to talk to people who give off toxic vibes and are afraid of jeopardising a relationship – both professional and personal – due to levels of social toxicity.

A new blog post from Psychology Today  written by Ralph Ryback has highlighted 5 of the most toxic personality characteristics. Of course there are many more than these, but the ones listed seem to be very common. They can overlap, and occur simultaneously with one another.

The Critic

This will be familiar to those of who who have constantly felt judged and criticised at every corner. It’s different from giving advice, consisting of insults as opposed to finding the root of what causes them to be irked in the first place. It’s not insulting as in name-calling, but more insulting your beliefs, or appearance, or thoughts.

According to Ryback, that stems from them having low self esteem and wanting to be in control. Instead of suggesting ways you could improve, they take any opportunity to bring you down as a person.

The Passive Aggressor

Passive aggressive behaviour is one of the more toxic characteristics, as any interaction ends up a guessing game. Think denial of feelings, sarcasm or backhanded compliments. It’s a passive expression of anger, like when your significant other says “I’m fine,” if you ask why they might be angry. It might even seem as if they are withdrawing from you.

You might end up retracing your steps for hours trying to work out what you’ve done to make them like this, not a healthy habit at all.