5 Pieces Of Relationship Advice Everyone Should Read

Often the Internet is at war with itself. Everyone thinks they’re right and that by typing with the most swear words, racial slurs, capital letters or any combination of the three, they will convince the rest of the world of the fact. But when the Internet comes together, the digital world can be a really great place. Reddit is a place of many people from different walks of life and despite the fact that they spend most of their time arguing, a lot of minds put together can produce a lot of knowledge. Case in point, this thread about the number one piece of relationship advice people want everyone¬†to know. We went through and found some of the biggest pieces of advice that came up, have a read. There might be some gold in here for you too.

1. Resentment is the key to ruining a relationship.

The top answer in the thread was that resentment is the single thing that ruins a relationship. User Raintitan said: “Do whatever it takes to avoid it. Honesty and communication are good tools to avoid it.” A further 529 people agreed with his comment with plenty of users coming forward with stories of harboring too much resentment as well as offering advice for talking it out.

A lot of the anecdotes related to cheating partners, and the general consensus was that forgiveness is key. That said, user elleellebean said that: “I think this is different for everyone. Loyalty and trust for me is very high up there in terms of a relationship. If those are compromised, I can’t continue on. Forgiveness is great, absolutely, but some people have different spectrums of “unforgivable”.”

2. Recognise your partner is not you

You are with the person you’re with because they aren’t you. Adanedhel_ said it best: “They have a separate brain and self-awareness and perception of the world. They have a whole set of different life experiences, and consequently, a whole different way of seeing, reacting, and understanding. No, they aren’t going to do something exactly the way you would do it. No, their first instinct might not be your first instinct.”

Others who agreed said that it has often been a hard thing to accept, that their partner doesn’t necessarily have the same views as them, ¬†but agreeing to disagree has been the better tactic than fighting for the win.

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