6 Adventure Trips For You Active Couples

Some people enjoy bonding over a candlelit dinner, or cuddled up under a blanket watching Love, Actually… again. But there are definitely some of you that really love a good hike to find a beautiful vista.

If you’ve already conquered the local treks, maybe have a look at a few of these. Take some sick days and go for an adventure!

Manderas Village, Nicaragua


If you’re a bit of a sucker for yoga, surfing and horseback riding, you need to check out Manderas Village. Nestled in the coastal hills of Nicaragua, it is known for attracting a diverse range of guests. Accommodation is affordable, ranging from $25 to $150 per night. For all that awesomeness? A steal!

The Ciclismo Classico Bike Across Belgium


It might be a tongue-twister, but this nine-day intermediate-level cycling trip is perfect for both cyclers and beer drinkers alike. Breaking up biking legs with a pint might seem a little strange, but to us it sounds brilliant. Of course, that assumes you can cycle at an intermediate level… I can drink beer at an intermediate level but I wouldn’t talk myself up as a cyclist.

LUEX Portillo Ski Week, Santiago, Chile


Chile is one of the few places you can ski and surf in the same day. South America’s ski season is right in the Northern Hemisphere’s summer, so it’s perfect if you want to go winter-to-winter. Imagine that – start in Vancouver at the Whistler, then after a month or two, fly right down the continent to Santiago and hotswap between surfing and more skiing! Bliss, for those of you that way inclined.

Havasu Falls Backpacking, Grand Canyon, Arizona


National parks are where some of the world’s most beautiful parts of nature are preserved. The Grand Canyon’s Havasu Falls are no exception, and hikers come from the world over to see them. However, before you book flights, know that the falls are on the Havasupai Indian Reservation. Hence, a permit is required in order to visit. This means a guided tour is the best way to experience the Falls. They are between three and four days and contain plenty of hiking, as well as relaxation and exploration.

REI’s Thailand Multisport Trip


When it comes to the outdoors, REI are top of the game. Their multisport tour of Thailand starts in the city of Chiang May, then takes people on a hiking, biking and kayaking adventure through the jungle. Perfect!

Active Adventures Essence of South Island


I don’t think I need to mention where this holiday is located. This massive eight-day trip will take you through the gorgeous Milford Sound. Untouched wilderness will provide an amazing backdrop for a romantic, yet heart pumping experience.