9 Things That Make You Ugly, According To Science

We’ve posted a billion different things on how to be more attractive to potential partners. From owning a dog to being the nice guy, there are countless ways to be desirable. But what about things that decrease attractiveness? Obviously there are some things not to do, like turning up to the first date covered in the blood of a sacrificed goat. Read on to find out 9 more things to avoid!

Sleep deprivation not only makes you look like a vampire, but according to 2010 research, people who hadn’t slept in 31 hours looking a lot less attractive, healthy and overall sadder. Easy way to combat this is to go to bed when your body clock tells you, or follow our helpful tips.
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Being mean might actually detract from your chances, as we’ve previously discussed. For the full reasoning you’ll have to click through to that article, but the gist is that in the real world, nice guys are more desirable for both short and long term relationships. Interestingly, narcissism rated highly for very short term but diminished as relationships became longer term.

Body language has a lot to say about the person. The “power pose” is a good example of this – expanding your body can make you feel more confident and powerful, while curling into yourself has the opposite effect. 2016 research states that contractive body language makes you seem less attractive. This is possibly due to the confidence shown in expansive body language.

High stress levels has been linked to unattractiveness. A 2013 study found that women high levels of the stress hormone cortisol were perceived by heterosexual men as less attractive. The researchers suggested that this could be due to high cortisol and lower stress levels indicate health and fertility.