According To Dieticians, These Are The Best Foods To Eat On A Diet

A lot of us are on that road to the summer body. It’s hard, no doubt, and diet is foremost in both necessity and difficulty. It’s so important to stick to your food plan if you want to change your body, so we went out and found 6 foods that will fill you up and not ruin your diet numbers.

Bean Soups

Half a cup of pinto, black or cannellini beans have about 6-8 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein, but only 120 calories. The full cup gives you 14 grams of those good fibrous elements, and ends up in you eating roughly 10% fewer calories over time, according to Cooking Light. Over one month, you’ll lose one whole pound without actually doing anything other than eating beans.

Adding those beans into broth-based soups with a high water content will allow you to eat more without adding more calories.

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Those Saturday night movie nights inevitably end up in snacking. And what better go-to snack than a bowlful of popcorn? Well you’ll be happy to know that popcorn carries with it some surprising psychological tricks that can help you eat a little less. Barbara Rolls, author of The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet, told Health that “popcorn takes up more room in your stomach, and seeing a big bowl of it in front of you tricks you into thinking that you’re eating more calories and that you’ll feel full when you’re finished.” The best way to go is popping it yourself (which is more romantic anyway) but some store-bought options can be good too. Just watch the sodium and fat levels.

Canned Salmon

Protein goes a huge way to keep you fuller for longer. Seafood in general is really good for you, thanks to those omega-3 fatty acids, but protein and the naturally low calorie count can keep you satisfied without that late afternoon pie. An average can of salmon has 122 calories but a huge 17.5 grams of protein which will keep you going from lunch right up until dinner. Add it to a green salad for the healthiest option.