Eating These Foods Could Be The Reason You Don’t Want To Have Sex

What you eat has an effect on basically everything in your life. You remember the time when “you are what you eat” right? Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some food can affect our sex lives – not always for the better. So if you’re having some… troubles in bed, get your notepad out. We’re going to go through some of the foods that can throw a spanner in the works, as it were.

Alcoholalcohol-428392_1920 (1)

Starting off easy, this one might not come as a huge shock. While a few wines can help you feel more confident and relaxed, alcohol ends up lowering sexual desire, decreasing arousal and can lead to unsafe decisions. If you want to have a good night but also go home with a very lucky man, keep an eye on what you drink.

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Microwave Popcorn


This is a bit of a shame. The whole ‘Netflix and Chill’ thing needs to feature a bowl of popcorn right? Obviously you’re not going to eat it, but it’s a necessity of any movie night. But before you stick that bag in the microwave and stick on a movie that will inevitably (hopefully) go unwatched, maybe try for a more romantic pan-popped alternative. The Daily Star reported that a chemical called perfluoroalkyl acids in the lining of the bag can kill libido, according to a study from 2009.



Oh come on. First popcorn, now chocolate? While it has often been top of the list for hopeful romantics and “sorry-i-broke-your-mother’s-vase-please-forgive-me” types, it turns out chocolate can actually make women tired and less keen to take it to the bedroom. It also has chemicals that lower men’s testosterone and libido.

But, don’t worry: dark chocolate has higher amounts of seratonin and phenylethylamine, two compounds which make us feel happy and feel good during sex, as well as intensifying feelings of attraction between two people.