The Epson Ecotank Printers Are Ideal For Money-Conscious People

If you’re like me you’re pretty sick of the ink cartridge cartels scamming you out of a few precious drops of ink. After a couple of prints your printer is already refusing to print to print anything due to a low cartridge. Then you pull it out to replace and it looks about half full!

Well fortunately those days are over now and Epson has come to the rescue with it’s range of Ecotank printers.

Instead of cartridges filling up a landfill you have massive ink tanks that always stay with your printer. To fill them up you grab colour bottles that you can quickly just top up the tanks with. Standard printer users shouldn’t need to worry about a refill for 2 years, and when you do, a refill is only about 20 bucks a bottle.

The replacement bottles have enough ink to crank out 4,000 pages of black or 6,500 pages in colour. As an added bonus the Ecotank range also comes with a wifi auto-setup and a mobile app, so if you don’t want to set up your desktop you can print your google docs, pdfs, or pictures straight from your phone.

Having the ability to cut out the middle man is pretty great, and the fact I’m not worrying about ink levels anymore just makes it so much sweeter.