Experts Say This 20-Minute Workout Is More Effective Than 90 Minutes At The Gym

One of the biggest workout trends to hit next year is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is a way to give time poor individuals a chance to keep up with the gym bunnies that have all afternoon to blow doing individual exercises at the gym. It’s not a stretch to see other quick fix alternatives taking off either. For instance 20 minutes of Electro-Muscle Stimulation (EMS) with fu|nis has the same effect as 60-90 minutes of regular old gym training. It was only a matter of time that time would have as much exercise value as possible condensed into it.


Rather than exercising individual parts of your body one at a time, EMS training is a full body exercise that provides high quality strength training. This is because up to 90% of your muscles are switched on with every movement you make. 

Although, unlike regular exercise, it does sound a bit mad sciencey. The EMS unit they use does what your central nervous system would normally do – instruct your muscles to contract. This is exactly what your muscles do during regular exercise anyway, except this is way more efficient. During conventional training, you only produce 1 muscle contraction per second while EMS training produces up to 85 muscular contractions per second. 

EMS training also hits a deeper layer of muscles, improving posture and preventing back pain.


Ok, enough of the sales pitch. I actually went down for an EMS session ourselves to find out whether it was like getting hit by a taser or not. The session starts off like your first session at the gym does. Getting probed about what I wanted to get out of the session etc. Toned looking abs? A great ass? The works, please.

The workout routine is pretty easy but I did get tired very quickly from the muscle contractions that the EMS training causes. However, as it’s only 20 minutes, the fatigue you feel is minimal compared to how much your muscles have been stimulated. Plus, you’re in and out and back to work in a jiffy. You only need to do a session a week which is just the right amount of exercise that I’d like to do.

If you’re questioning the legitimacy of EMS, here are some studies you can read up on. It’s all the rage in Europe at the moment to cater for the time-deprived generation.