Real Talk: What Girls Wish They Could Ask Guys, Answered By A Guy

Everyone has had that moment when they think of a question so silly, so seemingly obvious that they don’t even bother Googling it. Often it revolves around the opposite gender, but it’s hard to just walk up to someone and ask them a stupidly simple question without dying of mortification, so we thought we should take the embarrassment out of it all. What follows are the responses to five questions girls have wanted to ask guys but for whatever reason haven’t, answered by an M2 man. Enjoy.

1. How worried were you about your penis size when you were younger?

Honestly, it worries a lot of guys. People talk a lot about porn giving women an unrealistic image to live up to, but it also affects guys as well. I mean, the size of some of those… appendages are insane! That’s not to detract from the problem with women, just saying it makes guys with average sized members feel as if they’re inadequate. That can translate easily into a lack of confidence which can further turn into problems with keeping it up when it counts. So, to answer your question, quite a bit.

2. Why don’t you like talking about your feelings?

I think this stems from a need to ‘be a man.’ Feelings are wimpy, so we simply avoid showing them. If a guy opens up to you, you should take it as a sign of trust – like a cat rolling over and showing its belly. Another point is that a lot of men tend to express feelings differently to women. For example, sometimes men just want to quietly sit there and play a video game or read a book – just because we’re being quiet doesn’t mean we’re grumpy or sad. We’re just quiet.

3. How do guys poop? Like do you just hang there while you poop?

Yup. Sometimes it touches the toilet bowl and it’s really cold.

4. What movie made you cry that you’d never admit to?

Uhh, off the top of my head… Toy Story 3. Actually, a lot of Pixar movies have hit me in the feels. Like UP, when they’re told they can’t have a kid? Right in the heart.

5. How important are looks on a girl?

For me, if I were to rank the aspects of a person’s personality, I would put looks at about second (go on, call me shallow) but everything is very close in importance. Intelligence is most important, and emotional stability would be tied second or a very, very close third. I couldn’t deal with being with someone who I have to educate all the time, explaining jokes or dumbing my sentences down. That said, I would also be a little intimidated if I dated someone who was leagues ahead of me in terms of brainpower. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I would just end up feeling inadequate and unhappy.

I don’t think looks are as important as girls think it is – unless you’re looking for a one night stand in which case they would be. If you are looking for a long term relationship, I can tell you that most guys looking for the same thing are looking for intelligence and emotional stability. Find your perks and flaunt them!