If you had to live in one city for the rest of your life…

We always like to see how cities rank, based on a multitude of pretty subjective criteria, such as nightlife, food and general culture. Monocle have recently completed their 2016 ‘Quality of Life’ survey, detailing the top 25 cities of the world, introducing new categories of nocturnal qualities. Of course, it wouldn’t be a true quality of life list without some random factor that seems out of place – ‘number of indie bookshops’ makes an appearance this year. I mean, it’s good to have a few things that step outside the box but having it as a key quality in your survey?

They also discuss traditional standards such as transit efficiency and crime rate, and this year include things like the closing times for restaurants and nightlife.

Countries from all over the world get mentions, with European cities (unsurprisingly) ranking very highly. North American cities such as Vancouver have always enjoyed a great quality of life, and things don’t change much this year. Judging by the included rankings of the 2014/2015 studies, the top 25 cities do move around a bit, but within their little 99th-percentile clique.

Spoiler: New Zealand does get a mention. Although we have been steadily dropping over the years, perhaps there’re some things we could look into adopting from the folks in the lofty Top 10? We could start with housing

Here’s the full list, if you don’t want to watch the video above:

25. Montreal
24. Portland
23. Honolulu
22. Auckland
21. Amsterdam
20. Singapore
19. Barcelona
18. Hong Kong
17. Düsseldorf
16. Lisbon
15. Hamburg
14. Madrid
13. Zürich
12. Helsinki
11. Vancouver
10. Stockholm
09. Kyoto
08. Sydney
07. Fukuoka
06. Melbourne
05. Munich
04. Copenhagen
03. Vienna
02. Berlin
01. Tokyo