4 Reasons This Royal Baby Name is Important

By now, you should have already heard about the new royal baby. The young princess, who is fourth in line for the throne, has been named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and the world has been going wild with speculation about its meaning. Did the royal couple dream about it? Did they draw lots? Well, sure… the couple might have really just picked the name because they liked it. But here are a few reasons why Charlotte is still unequivocally the most important name in the world right now:

1. It is HistoricalQueen-Charlotte

Aside from having been the name of former kings and princesses, Charlotte was also the name of George III’s Queen in the 18th Century. The King bought Buckingham House, which became known as the Queen’s House, for Queen Charlotte ─ that house is now known as Buckingham Palace.

2. It is Connected to Family Members2012 US Open - Day 10

Charlotte is the middle name of Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa, and is also the name of the Duke’s cousin (daughter of the late Princess Diana’s brother), Charlotte Spencer. Elizabeth is also the shared middle name of Kate and her mother.

3. It is an All-round Touching Royal Tributediana_2203084b

The name honours all the most important royals in Prince William’s life. For one, Charlotte is the feminine form of Charles, the name of Prince William’s father. Also, Elizabeth Diana not only pays respects to the baby’s great grandmother the Queen, but is also a beautiful remembrance of Prince William’s late mother, Princess Diana, who is fondly remembered by millions worldwide.

4. People in the UK are Getting Free PizzaPizza-Hut

Yes, that’s right. In celebration of the royal naming, Pizza Hut has declared that the first 100 customers with the same name as the new royal addition to walk into their outlets will be able to redeem free meals. Do you understand how important it is now?

This just goes to show that when you are royalty, a name is never just a name ─ even if it really just is. Look, she even has her own hashtag. #CharlotteElizabethDiana