Science Reveals, Once And For All, Whether Beards Are Hot Or Not

Emerging research has found whether you should go for that lumberjack look or keep it clean, and the results might surprise you.

Sorry, hipster-haters, but according to the study, women do find beardedness attractive when looking for long-term partners. The study used computer graphic manipulation to edit male faces to give them varying degrees of facial hair. This ranged from clean shaven to light stubble, heavy stubble and full beards. They also edited the brow ridge, cheekbones, jawline and other features so the same man appeared more or less masculine.

Women do find beardedness attractive when looking for long-term partners.

Interestingly, the women taking part in the study said that masculinised and, to an even greater extent, feminised faces were the least attractive for both short and long term relationships. Stubble was the most attractive overall, and was ranked higher than full beards for short term relationships, which were preferred for long term relationships.

“Sexual selection via female choice has shaped the evolution of male ornamentation in many species,” wrote the authors of the Journal of Evolutionary Biology study. I assume this means that one dude grew a beard once and got so many ladies that all his friends grew beards to try and get on the same level as him.

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