Science Says We Should Be Sleeping In This Surprising Way

To be honest, science doesn’t have to say much to get me to sleep naked. Especially with clean sheets. Say what you will, sleeping in the nudey with clean sheets is the best thing ever.

But if you’re someone who likes their pyjamas or a big baggy shirt, it might be time to ditch them. Science has come forward with what helps us sleep better at night, and it’s actually pretty logical. We sleep better when our body temperatures are slightly lower, so less clothes obviously helps this. A very slight increase in temperature can increase activity in areas of the brain that regulate sleep cycles, resulting in a more disturbed sleep. Studies have shown that a decrease even as tiny as 0.4°C can make all the difference.

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There are health reasons behind it too – for guys, a lower body temperature helps increase your sperm count (sperm is produced best at temperatures just below our regular body temperature, hence them residing in a tender yet dangerously accessible sack). For the ladies, not wearing any clothes can aerate and cool your downstairs, preventing harmful bacteria from forming as they thrive in warm, moist areas.

Even better is sleeping naked with a partner. Apart from the obvious thing, skin-to-skin contact can increase the release oxytocin – the “love hormone.” This can boost your mood, give off feelings of emotional intimacy, and help maintain your immune system.

Still need convincing? Check out the video below, then give it a try tonight:

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